A holiday with Queen Esther

de Giulia Mindroc, eleva, cls a VIII-a A

            The year is 288 B.C. It is winter in Persia, and everybody is getting ready to celebrate New Years Eve. People are setting decorations up, cleaning their houses, praying and spending time with their families. I was very surprised when my time machine malfunctioned and I got here. I didn`t want this. I was planning to go further back, to Jesus`s time. But I guess this works too, since I ended up at the palace.

            Walking around, I saw a very pretty woman, dressed in a beautiful elegant blue dress. She had black hair and beautiful green eyes. Wandering who she was, I decided to just go ask her. What could possibly go wrong? While I was heading towards her, I saw one of the palace guards coming in her direction. I went to hide behind one of the columns.

            -Queen Esther, may I know where you are headed? For your own safety, your Highness.

            – Oh, it`s all right, Titus. I am heading to the King`s room. I just talked to my uncle, Mordecai, regarding the guests to the New Years` feast. I wish to invite some people from my nation as well.

            -Oh course, your Highness. May I come along you?

            -There`s no need to. Thank you.

            As the guard was going away, I realized how lucky I was. I could meet Esther! She was standing just in front of me! I decided to take the risk and go tell her my story. Of course, she wouldn`t understand time travel. What could I tell her? Maybe that I came from far away, from the people of… The 21 Centuries. She could not possibly know what a century was, I thought. I was surprised to find out later on that the Persians had a very exact calendar, keeping each and every holiday with diligence.

            -Your Majesty, may I have a word with you? Preferably before you go see king Ahasuerus. I came here from a very faraway place to spend the celebration of the New Year here, at the palace. It is understandable if you wish not to let me stay here and feast with you and your people, but I insist to say that I know your great deeds regarding the Jewish people and admire you highly.

            -I admire your courage to come here and talk to me, even if I have no idea who you are and you could easily get thrown out of the palace with this. But you seem like a very good person, so I am willing to listen to you. What is your name?

            I told her more about me and she was not disappointed. She was exactly as described in the Bible – beautiful, considerate, kind and only willing to do good. She decided to let me stay at the palace, gave me a room and then went to talk to the Emperor, her husband. I wonder how it is to be a Queen.

            Trusting Esther, the Emperor surprisingly agreed to let me stay and spend the week with them and all the other guests they had for the feast. Two days passed very fast, and as Esther and me started to get along, I learned my way around the palace. The Garden of Roses was my favorite. Hers too. It truly was delightful. But then the New Year`s came and I was shocked to see how similar their traditions were to our traditions. They also counted seconds to midnight, and then they all shouted something in Persian, so I couldn’t understand it. But then, the food and drinks were brought and music started playing. It really was beautiful. I could see people dancing and feeling very joyful. I tasted some of the dishes that were ahead of me.

            -So, what do you think? Do you like our food?

            -Yes, it is delicious! Similar in a way with our food, I said, as it reminded me of some polenta. And I love the atmosphere here!

            -Well, we are at the palace, after all.

            The feast went on until the second day, when I decided to finally leave. I had a great holiday and I learned many things from Esther. As I said, I really admire her because she became such a great queen and saved her people. She is truly an example to me, and I loved this holiday. I am going to travel now to the future: who knows where I will end up?

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