An interesting holiday

de Karina Antohi, clasa a VII-a B

Winter holiday started 2 days ago. I’m so excited to see what we’re going to do this holiday. 

My mother says that tomorrow we will go camping so I started packing some clothes and some other things like: a flashlight, a bag of crackers, games, and the most important thing…my Bible. You may ask why my Bible is so important, well that is because I love reading it. I love hearing about all the stories that you find there. One of my favorite Bible stories it’s Esther’s story, or Hadassah’s story. I simply love how courageous and faithful was Esther. From a simple girl she became the queen of Babilon and Medo-Persia. 

 -Karina, honey we better get going, I don’t want to get all the traffic. 

 -OK, mom. I’ll be there in five.  

Finally, I finished packing then I jumped right into the car. 

It was a long ride …about 4 hours. After we parked our car, me and my brother unpacked the trunk. Then we set the tent. 

Just after all this work I soon realized how beautiful is our camping place. Near us it was a small river. The water was so clear I could see my feet in it. The trees surrounding us had big green, orange, red leaves. Everything looked like a painting. 

We finished all the unpacking,packing,organising etc.and we were hungry ….so hungry that my stomach made these funny noises. Mom looked at us and said: 

– Hmmm,I’ll fix you a sandwich. Is that all right? 

-Maybe two …if possible, said dad. 

I wanted to jump in the tent but then I saw two pairs of eyes staring at me. I knew what those eyes meant: 

-I am coming mom. 

-Thank you for helping me, darling. For that, you will get an extra olive. 

We both started laughing. 

In 15 minutes the big and juicy sandwiches were sitting on the table, waiting to be eaten. And I just got a sandwich and they all disappeared…poof. 

We were tired so we called it a day and went to bed .Wait …here comes the fun part .I just got into my favorite pajamas but I suddenly heard a noise .Our camping spot was far from the town so not many people were there but anyways I get outside the tent and I saw a woman.It was dark, so I grabbed the flashlight that I brought .The lady said: 

-Ohh…Shalom my friend! Hope I  didn’t wake you up. 

-Amm…No you didn’t .May I ask what are you doing here ,miss? 

-Please ,don’t call me miss .Call me Esther. I’m the queen of Babilon . 

-Are you sure? Aren’t you an actor or something? 

-No ,darling .I understand your confusion but I’m really Esther .I came here to meet you . 

I froze .Looking at her, she really reminded me of a princess. 

   She had a big, beautiful ,gold crown full of details .A  white veil was attached to her long brown hair.Immediatly I asked her if I could take a picture .Isn’t she beautiful?

-I really believe it’s you .Can I say that you are gorgeous ? 

-Thank you !You are so sweet. So, what is your name? 

-Karina . 

-Do you know that Karina in Hebrew means pure . 

-Really? That is so cool. Anyways …I have so many questions .Where do I start? 

-I’m sorry to tell you but I’ve got just one hour to stay .The people will need me at the palace . 

-Of. I almost forgot that I ‘m speaking with THE queen so I have 3 important questions for you .First one: How big is your palace? 

-It’s not really my palace ,,it’s my husband’s ,but is so big you easily get lost .When I first got in the palace I needed a map. It has 50 bedrooms,35 bathrooms,10 kitchens….and so on. The details makes it so much beter . Almost everything has a little bit of gold. 

-Wow. My house has just 5 bedrooms and just one kitchen . 

-I know. We had the same ,I mean me and Mordecai ,my uncle when I lived with him . 

-The second question is :How can you be so courageous  ?I mean you went to king Xerxes when you weren’t asked ,and if he wasn’t your husband and loved you ,you almost got killed . 

-Wait. I need to stop you because it’s the Hand of God that works here.I can’t do anything without Him, so I need to have faith and pray .Then I wait ….I wait for the word of God to come because I know that it will come in mysterious ways . 

-Oh, Esther …Sometimes I wish that I could me more faithful, like you. 

-I know you will .You are a nice little girl and I know that God’s got a plan with you too. 

-I’m so happy to hear that .And the last question is :Didn’t you miss your family when you went all alone in the palace? 

-Of course I did ,but I knew that if this is the plan that I have to follow ,I will follow it to the end . 

-Thank you Esther for spending this time with me and for all the stories you’ve told me . 

-Anytime .OK i ve got to go ,sadly .Hope you have an amazing holiday and God bless! 

– Bye ! 

 And then she suddenly left .I still don’t know how she got there but that doesn’t really matter now .Hopefully ,in the future I can take her example and see taht  that if you are faithful ,God will surelly help you . 

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