Christmas with Noah

de Matei Silivestru, elev clasa a VIII-a A On Christmas Eve, me and my parents were Christmas shopping, when I got lost in the biggest mall in Romania. I was very panicked, I tried calling out to security, but there were no security guards. At that very moment I was thinking: “What should I do?”. Then a person that I’d … Read More

Winter dream

de Socoteanu Lois, elevă clasa a VIII-a A It’s winter and the Christmas is here, but we are in lockdown.  We were planning to go to Egypt in this holiday, but because of the covid pandemic, we couldn’t go anywhere. So, I’m laying on my rocking chair, near the Christmas tree, and the carols are singing at the radio. I … Read More

Someone unexpected

de Petreacă Hannah, elevă  clsasa a VIII-a A                  It was Winter Holiday. I was sitting with my family at the table and talking about the beauty of the winter holidays. My mother says about how beautiful it was snowing outside, my father was happy with the food cooked and I was happy with the gifts I received.                … Read More

A holiday with Queen Esther

de Giulia Mindroc, eleva, cls a VIII-a A             The year is 288 B.C. It is winter in Persia, and everybody is getting ready to celebrate New Years Eve. People are setting decorations up, cleaning their houses, praying and spending time with their families. I was very surprised when my time machine malfunctioned and I got here. I didn`t want … Read More


de Sabina Brinzan, elevă clasa  VIII-a A As I headed towards the palace, my heart was racing. I knew that this holidays would be special, but I was not prepared for what was to come.  Everywhere in town you could feel the spirit of holidays but I did not have time to stare at the decorations. I was in such … Read More

An interesting holiday

de Karina Antohi, clasa a VII-a B Winter holiday started 2 days ago. I’m so excited to see what we’re going to do this holiday.  My mother says that tomorrow we will go camping so I started packing some clothes and some other things like: a flashlight, a bag of crackers, games, and the most important thing…my Bible. You may ask why my Bible is so important, well that is because I love reading it. I love hearing about … Read More

Proiect Back2Eden

De Alexandru Robert Andreas, cls. a VII-a A Dragă jurnalule, Nu o să-ți vină să crezi ce mi s-a întâmplat azi! Citeam liniștit Biblia și, dintr-o dată, s-a deschis un portal în fața mea și am intrat din curiozitate în el. Imediat, m-am trezit într-un câmp frumos cu plante nemaivăzute și un aer așa de curat, greu de descris în … Read More

If I met Adam and Eve

de Modan Radu, clasa a VII-a B During a day of January, at about 18:00, while I was home alone, I was sitting in my room with my cat, reading. I went downstairs to get a glass of water, when I saw there were two people I have never met before sitting on our couch. They were not doing anything … Read More

Jurnal literar Back2Eden

de Eva Dumitrache, clasa a VIII-a A Dragă jurnalule, nu o să-ţi vină să crezi ce mi s-a întâmplat astăzi. Stai să-ţi spun, dar hai, așază-te comod ca să nu cazi de pe masă.             De dimineaţă, în timp ce mergeam spre şcoală, am văzut căzând dintr-un pom multe frunze, însă una singură, mai mare şi mai ruginie, mi-a atras … Read More

Galerie foto Back2Eden

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