Christmas with Noah

de Matei Silivestru, elev clasa a VIII-a A

On Christmas Eve, me and my parents were Christmas shopping, when I got lost in the biggest mall in Romania. I was very panicked, I tried calling out to security, but there were no security guards.

At that very moment I was thinking: “What should I do?”. Then a person that I’d never seen before appeared right before my eyes, he had a long, white beard, he was pretty old, but seemed very friendly. He asked me: “What’s wrong?”. I told him that I was lost, and I didn’t know where my parents were.

He told me to follow him, because he would find my parents. I was very confused, but I accepted his offering. I asked him who he was, he casually told me he’s Noah.

“That Noah?” I asked, he answered “Yes, that Noah.”. For some reason I believed him, he seemed “special”, like a saint. I began to follow him.

I asked him many questions, including: “How did God look?”. He refused to answer. I asked him another question: “How old are you?”. He told me he was very old, which I thought was pretty funny, because that’s true. When thinking about that, I was about to faint. I’m walking next to Noah! He must know everything about Heaven, I’ll ask him about that. He answered by telling me that Heaven was perfect, much better than any human imagines it to be.

We then finally found my parents, right after that, I wanted to thank Noah for the help, but he wasn’t there! It’s almost like he vanished! Of course, when I told my parents about what happened they started to laugh, but that’s not a problem, because I know for sure I met Noah, one of the most iconic characters in the Bible.

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