If I met Adam and Eve

de Modan Radu, clasa a VII-a B

During a day of January, at about 18:00, while I was home alone, I was sitting in my room with my cat, reading. I went downstairs to get a glass of water, when I saw there were two people I have never met before sitting on our couch. They were not doing anything interesting, just talking to each other. I got scared and asked them who they were and how they got inside of the house. They said they were Adam and Eve (which made sense, because they looked really old, a lot older than anyone I had ever seen), and entered by simply coming through the front door, which was left open. I checked and, indeed, for some reason I had left it open.

  Then I asked:

  • Aren’t you both dead, though?
  • Yes, we are!
  • …then how are you here?
  • Look how nice the weather is outside! Adam said. I was very confused.
  • Well, what brings you here?
  • We don’t have a home, and simply have been walking around the world for a very long time… We were thirsty and wanted to ask for a cup of water, and knocked on the door. Then we saw it was open, so we decided to enter anyway. After drinking a cup of water, we have decided to sit by the fireplace and talk about the next location where we should go.
  • Okay… Can I ask you a few questions?
  • Sure, go ahead!
  • First of all… How was it in Eden?
  • It was very beautiful, as there was no pollution, and there were lots of species of animals, birds, insects, and more which existed there but dont exist anymore. Also, we were able to relax every day of the week. I heard that now, people have to go to work or school 5 days every week! I do understand the idea of work, but I have been informed about how useless most things people learn in school are, and was sad when I heard about that.
  • What kinds of animals and birds where there in Eden? I am especially interested in birds, since I have always liked birdwatching.
  • Well, for example, there was an-

            And right as they were talking to me about that, I had woken up. It turns out it was just a dream.

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