Someone unexpected

de Petreacă Hannah, elevă  clsasa a VIII-a A

                 It was Winter Holiday. I was sitting with my family at the table and talking about the beauty of the winter holidays. My mother says about how beautiful it was snowing outside, my father was happy with the food cooked and I was happy with the gifts I received.

               As we were speaking of all these beautiful things we can have, the doorbell rang. Nobody knew who  was, so we assumed they were just carol singers and we didn’t pay attention to the bell. But when he called a second time we thought someone needed help so we opened up. When I glanced at the door sight I noticed two ladies who seemed helpless.

-My name is Ruth and this is my mother-in-law Naomi. We are looking for a shelter overnight if it is allowed.

-Sure, come in please, said my mother inviting the ladies to sit down.

I was very curious about their story of how they got here.

-I would have a question if you  don’t mind.

-How to bother, please, say the question, said Naomi very happy to receive it.

-How did you get here?

– We travelled a lot. By the time we got here we stopped at 10 more houses unfortunately with these holidays everyone had their houses full. Good we were lucky with you because otherwise I don’t know if we would have found anything else, said Ruth full of happiness when she saw all the food on the table.

-I’m glad we can help you, my father said. What has kept you so strong all this time and especially in the snow?

– We are two very faithful women. Since I know myself I have trusted in God and in His hand. He’s the only one who kept us strong, Naomi said.

-What do you consider to be the most important thing you can have for this time?

-I consider that the family surpasses all the material things you can receive.

-That’s right, Ruth is right. If we didn’t have each other I don’t think we would have been happy and if it wasn’t for Him I don’t think we could have gotten this far.

               That evening went on and Ruth and Naomi taught us a very important lesson: no matter what the material things are, we must be grateful for the family and we must have faith to be happy.

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