Winter dream

de Socoteanu Lois, elevă clasa a VIII-a A

It’s winter and the Christmas is here, but we are in lockdown.  We were planning to go to Egypt in this holiday, but because of the covid pandemic, we couldn’t go anywhere.

So, I’m laying on my rocking chair, near the Christmas tree, and the carols are singing at the radio. I can imagine the warm weather in Egypt, the sun, the beach, the sea…and I’m trying not to be sad, but instead, to be happy because of the birth of Jesus Christ. …Slowly, I’m falling asleep….I can see myself in Egypt…on a camel, riding it on the sand dune…and curiously, I’m not alone…

– Hello guys! Are you the three wise men?

– Yees…but it’s depending on who is asking, said one of them.

-I’m Lois. A tourist.

– Do you know us?

– More or less, I replied smiling

– Aha, interesting! I’m Melchior. Nice to see you!

-Where are you going?

-We are following that big star. Can you see it?

-Oooo…wow…it’s amazing!

– We don’t know where this beautiful star will lead us, but it must be something really important, hystoricaly, like one of the biggest events on earth. From our calculation, an important King will be born.

– Yes, it’s Jesus birth’s star. I was always curios why did you follow a star, for such a long trip?

– Well, you see…we are reasearchers of the sky. For many years we have been  analyzing the sky, the star’s map,  the signs of the divinity. We are interested in revealing the future from the sky signs, looking at the stars.

– So, you are some kind of astromonists. Go for this wonderful star, you will be surprised how you will reach the King of Kings

– Yes, you are right. He must be a King of the Kings, said Melchior. Therefore we have  presents for this King of Kings: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

– Yes. I know! Have a nice trip, you wise man!

-Thank you! You too!

– Thanks!

I know this was just my imagination now, but it was true, in Biblical times.

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